Arabella of Blackwater Run

(Wicher 334 x Jildert 299)
Stb-SP-S-SP-S-M-SP Stam 115 Height 160 cm

Arabella is our first Friesian, “alpha” mare and the heart of the farm. Blessed with a non-fading, silky, patent leather coat and a wavy forelock that reaches her nose, she is a shining example of the beautiful baroque Friesian. Her sire is the 1995 World Champion, Wicher 334 (deceased 2003), who competed successfully at dressage. Her mother is a 3rd premie studbook daughter of Jildert 299, Betsy T. from Tuls. Being a true “alpha” mare, Betsy gifted her daughter with intelligence, good sense, and a fearless character. Arabella has a beautiful head and swan neck, a legacy from both sire and maternal grandsire. Her 2009 Lolke foal, Elle, is the true image of her beautiful sire.

Ster Friesian Mare by Friesian Stallion Wicher
Ster Friesian Mare with Friesian Foal

Arabella of Blackwater Run

Wicher 234

Lute 304 Sport

Djurre 284

Anke Ster

Wealtsje Model + Pref

Jochem 259 Pref

Berke Ster + Pref

Betsy T. Stb

Jildert 299

Mark 232 Pref

Hilda Ster + Pref

Wendi Ster + Pref

Dagho 247

Evelien Ster