Elle Amorette B.

(Lolke 371 Sport x Wicher 334)
Stb-Stb-SP Stam 115

Elle Amorette (Little Love) burst into this world ten days early to our maiden mare, Arabella. Elle was a tiny, tiny foal with a coal black, wavy coat. She is the image of both parents with her “in your pocket” personality and dressage float. The old axiom, “Never teach a Friesian anything you don’t want them to know,” could have been written just for Ellie.  She is extremely intelligent and picks up new things quickly.

She will be taken to the KFPS/FHANA inspection this year to be graded and entered into the studbook.

Elle Amorette B.

Lolke 371 Sport

Oege 267 Pref

Wessel 237 Pref

Wieske Ster + Pref

Zwaantje F. Ster

Reitse 272 Pref

Marit f 'e Grupstal Ster

Arabella of BWR Stb

Wicher 334

Lute 304 Sport

Wealtsje Model + Pref

Betsy T. Stb

Jildert 299

Wendi Ster + Pref