Fiona Alexandra B.

(Mintse 384 Sport x Anne 340 Sport)
S-P-S Stam 158

Fiona is an extremely tall, modern filly with her sire’s high, snapping trot. Being a daughter and granddaughter of two superlative sporthorses, she has a bright future both in competition and as a broodmare. She will also be taken to the KFPS/FHANA inspection this year to be graded and entered into the studbook.

Fiona Alexandra B.

Mintse 384 Sport

Leffert 306 Sport Pref

Tamme 276

Bontsje Ster + Pref

Jieldou Ster + Pref

Lammert 260 Pref

Wieskje Ster

Tinneke Ster

Anne 340 Sport

Reitse 272 Pref

Fimke f.d. P. Ster + Pref

Neeltje v d Smidse Stb Pref

Romke 234

Marjo Ster