Houdini of Belle Cheval

(Maiko 373 Sport x Anne 340 Sport)
Foalbook Stallion S-P-S-S Stam 158

Houie greeted us with a whinny on the Ides of March, 2002.  His mother, Tinneke  gave no sign the previous night she was close to foaling.  When we walked into the barn next morning, we found him cavorting in circles looking very smug.  Since he “escaped” and “we don’t know how he did it,” he could only have one name.  From the same stam (158) as the approved stallion Nykle 309, Houie is following in the footsteps of his sire, Maiko 373 Sport, showing early aptitude for the dressage ring.  With 2 years of training under saddle, surrounded by tall warmbloods and thoroughbreds competing in 3-Day Eventing, Houie charmed the barn and was dubbed “The Little Black Stallion Who Could.”


Maiko 373 Sport

Tsjerk 328 Sport Pref

Feitse 293 Pref

Wilkje Model + Pref + Prestm

Wylster Ster

Barteld 292

Lolkjen Model + Pref

Tinneke Ster

Anne 340 Sport

Reitse 272 Pref

Fimke f.d. P. Ster + Pref

Neeltje v d Smidse Pref

Romke 234

Marjo Ster