The Ebony Sun

(Burgundy Sun x Kyobi Rihma)
Crabbet/Egyptian, Born 2010, Height 15 h

The Ebony Sun is a rare, black liver chestnut sired by Burgundy Sun and out of Kyobi Rihma.

His sire, Burgundy, is a full blood brother to The Sun Prince, but has the look and color of his Babson ancestors and, in particular, his great-great-great grandmother, Bint Maaroufa.  From a distance, Bint Maaroufa looked black.  Close-up, her coat was the color of a black olive like her grandsire, Ibn Rabdan, to whom she is linebred.

Ebony’s mother, Kyobi Rihma, is a rare producer of this color, which also comes from her multiple lines to Ibn Rabdan.

Ebony showed his extreme athleticism even as a baby, jumping high with all 4 feet off the ground like his tiny feet were attached to springs!  He is in training at Los Acres in Marialva, the art of Portuguese horsemanship, and bloodless bullfighting.  He has been tested for genetic defects and is SCID, CA and LFS clear. At stud at Los Acres, Stockton, CA.

Liver Chestnut Crabbet Arabian Stallion Belle Cheval
Liver Chestnut Crabbet Arabian Stallion Belle Cheval