Friesian Stallion Lolke 371 Sport Approved FHANA

Lolke 371 Sport

(Oege 267 P x Reitse 272 P)
Stam 15 Height 171 cm

Lolke is a tall, impressive stallion with a gentle character. He has a pleasing head, a beautiful expression and important attributes that are highly-valued by today’s standards: long neck, uphill conformation, long forearm and an exceptional walk. He is modern without sacrificing the extreme type that sets the Friesian apart from other sport horses.

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Friesian Mare at Virginia Friesian Keuring Inspection


(Anne 340 Sport x Romke 234)
P-S-S Stam 158 Height 164 cm

Tinneke is the “star” of Belle Cheval. Out of a preferent daughter of Romke 234, a rare breeding line descending from the “fiery” Ritske, she epitomizes the coveted Friesian sport-horse type. She is our “It Girl”—tall and elegant with a magical, stallion-like presence.

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Friesian Mare and Foal from Belle Cheval Friesian Horses

Arabella of Blackwater Run

(Wicher 334 x Jildert 299)
Stb-SP-S-SP-S-M-SP Stam 115 Height 160 cm

Arabella is our first Friesian, “alpha” mare and the heart of the farm. Blessed with a non-fading, silky, patent leather coat and a wavy forelock that reaches her nose, she is a shining example of the beautiful baroque Friesian. Her sire is the 1995 World Champion, Wicher 334 (deceased 2003), who competed successfully at dressage.

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Friesian Filly by Tsjerk FHANA Friesian at Belle Cheval

Natalie Grand Cru

(Tsjerk 328 Sport x Jelke 367)
S-SP-SP-SP-SP-MP-MP-SP-MP-MP Stam 50 Height 164 cm

Natalie is a dream-come-true from the Cadillac of the Stam 50 line. Her great-grandmother, Riduna, is a full sister to Anton 343. Sired by the famous European stallion, Tsjerk 328 Sport, #1 on racial type and conformation, Natalie also carries the “tall” gene from her maternal great-grandsire, Pyt 325 (Barteld).

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Friesian Horse Stallion at Friesian Keuring

Houdini of Belle Cheval

(Maiko 373 Sport x Anne 340 Sport)
Foalbook Stallion S-P-S-S Stam 158

Houie greeted us with a whinny on the Ides of March, 2002.  His mother, Tinneke  gave no sign the previous night she was close to foaling.  When we walked into the barn next morning, we found him cavorting in circles looking very smug.  Since he “escaped” and “we don’t know how he did it,” he could only have one name. .

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Friesian Photo of Friesian Horse Fillies

Elle Amorette B.

(Lolke 371 Sport x Wicher 334)
Stb-Stb-SP Stam 115

Elle Amorette (Little Love) burst into this world ten days early to our maiden mare, Arabella. Elle was a tiny, tiny foal with a coal black, wavy coat. She is the image of both parents with her “in your pocket” personality and dressage float.

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Fiona Alexandra B.

(Mintse 384 Sport x Anne 340 Sport)
S-P-S Stam 158

Fiona is an extremely tall, modern filly with her sire’s high, snapping trot. Being a daughter and granddaughter of two superlative sporthorses, she has a bright future both in competition and as a broodmare. She will also be taken to the KFPS/FHANA inspection this year to be graded and entered into the studbook.

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