(*Jair Tamaal x Mi Amorcita)
Spanish/Egyptian, Born 2011, Height 15.1 ½ h

Purchased from Los Acres as an outcross for our intensely linebred Phara mares, Tourairo is a fiery red chestnut stallion.  A great-grandson of the Spanish champion, *Sidi-Brahim, “Airo” is a son of *Jair Tamaal, who was exported to Portugal for 3 years.  With his classic beauty and extraordinary trainability, *Jair Tamaal left his mark on the Iberian Peninsula showing for the first time an Arabian’s agility and bravery in the arena with the bulls.

His son, Tourairo is a blend of Spanish through *Sidi-Brahim, Egyptian through two crosses to Ali Jamaal, with a splash of the “Fabulous Fadjur.”  Airo’s dam, Mi Amorcita, is now the best-producing mare at Los Acres.  Her son has it all:  athleticism, “in your pocket” personality, size, smooth conformation, short head, huge eyes and red, iridescent color.

Our “Airo” is currently in training at Los Acres, following in his father’s footsteps, learning the Art of Marialva and bloodless bullfighting. He loves to work and is already showing his love for the arena. Tourairo is clear of the genetic defects of SCID, CA and LFS.  At stud at Los Acres, Stockton, CA.

Liver Chestnut Crabbet Arabian Stallion Belle Cheval


Jair Tamaal*

Tamaal FA*

Ali Jamaal*

NV Tiara Bey*

Sidcerely Yours*


Fadjurs Magic

Mi Amorcita

Dream Quest*

Ali Jamaal*

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